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How to Know What You don't know

Part I of my pursuit towards a more educated pool of clients. 

A good number of my friends have approached me since getting my real estate license. First they congratulate me and second comes one of two comments/questions. 

The first comment may be "I could never buy a house, I have terrible credit and I have no idea where I'll be within the next couple of years." To which I respond with a watered down version of "you don't even know the half of your options".

On the other side, people may otherwise ask/comment "can you find me a house!?".. To which I respond by asking "have you been pre-approved or do you have a lender in mind?"

Often times my response to the second question leads that person to feel the same way that people who make the first comment feel. Underqualified and immidiately overwhelmed... 

If I'm being honest, I feel like these comments and questions come from generation after generation of poor client education. But, don't get me wrong... It's not your job to know every single thing about real estate. That's the purpose of an agent.

The key is to educate future and current buyers about the real estate process.

  • That means being aware that some lenders will financially coach you to reach your lending goals and even tell you the do's and dont's for getting approved completely free of cost. 
  • That means being aware that you may be able to roll the cost of renovations or student loans into your home loan.
  • That means knowing that real estate can be a great way to invest and make 'passive income'.

I know these things because I've spent over a year with the team at Voyage. Routine training and reguar visits from industry professionals allow us to put together readily available resources for any client.

I'm surrounded by a team of smart, patient individuals who are happy to answer my questions before I give a client incorrect information for the sake of ego and time.

It doesn't matter that I, myself, have never purchased a home or gotten pre-approved. What matters is that I plan to use the education I've gotten at Voyage to pass along to my clients. 

I see a next generation of capable buyers, sellers, and investors who have been properly educated to handle any real estate scenario because they know their options.

I look forward to following up with this article through action.